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in extruded acrylic sheets.

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Acrylic Sheet Chemcast XT

Acrylic sheet manufactured by extrusion process

Chemcast XT is an acrylic sheet manufactured by extrusion process that provides excellent surface characteristics and optical quality with applications oriented both for interior and exterior use.


Light transmission greater than 92%.

Excellent surface quality and gloss.

Homogeneous thickness throughout the sheet.

Ease of transformation.

Outdoor warranty.

Thickness range.


0.118” - 0.177” light transmission 92%

0.220” - 0.354” light transmission 89%

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Glazing, Signage, Display cases, Retail display, Point of purchase, UV printing sign flatbed, Sneeze guards and sanitary barriers.


48” X 96”

*Available custom request-applies minimum quantity order.

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