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EcoGreen Chemcast

Plastiglas de México S.A de C.V. was founded in 1959 as a manufacturer of acrylic sheets. In 2006, it was acquired by the Unigel Group, one of the most important petrochemical groups in Latin America.

Plastiglas, specialized in acrylic cell cast, has two plants in Mexico where a wide range of products are manufactured: general purpose, sanitary grade, high impact grade and NSF grade, acrylic solid surface and recently Eco Green Chemcast®, 100% recycled and recyclable sheet.


Technology and Innovation

Our process technology and innovation teams provide us with an effective, high-tech reversible process for the recovery of recycled methyl methacrylate monomer (R-MMA) from solid post-consumer acrylic waste, adding value to the planet, customers, manufacturers and distributors.

EcoGreen Chemcast® production starts by collecting the Acrylic Scraps from our processing customers or from post-consumer waste, in this moment the new acrylic polymer redemption becomes.

The recycled MMA is obtained by the de-polymerization process that recovers from PMMA the original liquid monomer.


EcoGreen Chemcast


EcoGreen Chemcast


EcoGreen Plastiglas

Benefits and attributes

EcoGreen Chamcast® mission put on play to convert the acrylic waste, into new high performance acrylic sheets, adding environmental value, new magic and creative possibilities for consumers, creating a sustainable future as it provides:.

Reduction of thousands of metric tons of solid acrylic waste, which is not biodegradable and without a reversible EcoGreen process these goes to landfill or incineration.

Reduction in the use of raw synthetic MMA monomer.

Re-use of products at the end of their lifetime and waste processing.

Re-design of new added value ecological products.

Creation of trends and awareness of care and respect for the environment.


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100% recycled Acrylic Sheet


Transformation processes.

  • Eco Green Chemcast® looks, performs, fabricates, and lasts as long as standard virgin synthetic acrylics. Normally, all kinds of machining, such as CNC router and laser cutting, hot bending, solvent and polymerizable bonding, thermoforming, polishing, and digital flatbed printing can be done without any problem.

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  • It is one of the few brands worldwide 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet.
  • The first one certificate with a EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in LATAM.
  • That respect sustainable development offers a wide range of product than can be applied in the sophisticated design and applications.
  • High performs in any machining process.
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    Product Range.

    All our trade marks and Impacta® formulations can be manufactured in Eco Green Chemcast® version, from cristal clear to any high gloss colors, mate finish textures, and from 0.118” (3mm) up to 1” (25.0mm) thickness.

    Please visit us official website Chemcast® for more information about our standard products or ask our sales representatives and office for standard delivery program.